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Retrieve data from database and display in php form

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As we already see “how to insert data in mysql using php form“. But if want to edit some information in that form how will I do that? Should I directly update form without seeing the previous data? Or should I check my previous data first and then update specific data?

Answer is obvious that first I have to look at previous data then I will update that. But how to get data and display in form

Don’t worry in this post I am going to show how to retrieve data from database and display in php form.

I am taking my previous example of insert data. In that post I created a form with title and content field only. So this time I am not going to create database and table because i already created both of them in my previous post. Now let’s start

Create database connection:

Retrieve Data from Database:

In above php code I get the row which id is 1. mysqli_fetch_assoc() function will return that specific row as an array (which holds title and content) and I store that array in $fetchRow variable.


Now I get the row from the database it’s time to show each column data into its respective fields.

After that above changes your form will look like this.

Apply CSS:

All Together

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