Jquery Ajax Registration Form using PHP with Validation

In this tutorial, I am going to make an ajax based registration form in PHP with frontend and backend validation. I will be using PHP PDO for MYSQL database operations. For the front-end, I will be using bootstrap 5 with some custom CSS.

jquery ajax registration form in php with validation

Jquery Ajax Registration Form with validation in PHP

  • First of all, I will create a form using bootstrap 5 classes.
  • Then I will apply frontend validation on the form submit
  • If all fields will have values, the form data will post to the form_ajax.php file. Otherwise, the error field will be highlighted in red.
  • Form_ajax.php file will check backend validation. If any error appears form_ajax.php will return the error in JSON format.
  • If all goes well, the User record will save in the database. Using PHP PDO connection.

Create Database:

Create MySQL Table:

Following is the create statement of site_users table. id column is a primary key of the table. And email column bind with unique key.

CSS (custom.css):

HTML (index.php):

Jquery (index.php):

PHP (form_ajax.php):


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