Jquery Ajax Dropdown (onchange) Example in PHP

In this tutorial we will see how to change data using dropdown. With the help of jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MYSQL example we are going to achieve this.

I know dropdown onchange event is very confusing for new web developers. But don’t worry, if you will follow this post, you will know how to do that.

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What I am going to do:

First I will fetch customer first and last name from mysql database and show them in a dropdown list. When user will select any customer then selected customer information will appear below.

Jquery Ajax Dropdown (onchange) Example in PHP:

jquery ajax dropdown onchange example in php

Create Database:

Create Mysql Table:

Insert Records In Mysql Table:

Create Database Connection (config.php):

I will be using mysqli oop for database.

Create Dropdown (index.php):

Add Loader and customer info div:

jQuery Ajax Code (index.php):

PHP Ajax Response (ajax.php):



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