PHP Download, Crop and Save Image in a Folder from URL

Download, Crop and save image in a specific directory is one of the most irritated task sometime I have to do. But as a web developer I got some skills to tackle this hectic task. 🙂

I have created a php script that download, crop and save image from url. I just have to pass image url in the input field, set dimensions and image will crop and save in the folder.

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In this tutorial I am going to share the basic idea behind that code with you guys. If you are following my blog you people know that I write my blog post keeping PHP beginners in my mind. So lets start with basics. I will use some built-in image functions of PHP which are listed below.

Function Description
imagecreatefromjpeg($filename) Create a new image from url or file
imagejpeg($image, $to, $quality) Output JPEG file from the given image
imagepng($image, $to, $quality, $filters) Output or save PNG file from given image
imagegif($image, $to) creates the GIF file
imagecropauto($image, $mode, $threshold, $color) Automatically crops an image according to the given mode. Modes are IMG_CROP_DEFAULT, IMG_CROP_TRANSPARENT, IMG_CROP_BLACK, IMG_CROP_WHITE, IMG_CROP_SIDES, IMG_CROP_THRESHOLD
imagesx($image) Return the width of the given image
imagesy($image) Return the height of the given image
imagecrop($image, $rect) Crops an image to the given rectangular area and returns the resulting image. The given image is not modified.
imagedestroy() Free memory associated with image

I will be using following image throughout my examples.

Create JPEG:

Create PNG:

Create GIF:

Auto Crop Image:

Auto Crop Manually:


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