How to install Laragon on Windows 10

Laragon is the fastest growing local development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go and Ruby. Laragon comes with bundle of tools like notepad++, cmder, putty, winscp and you can install other tools like phpMyAdmin, git, python, flask, Django etc. It has built-in Apache2, Nginx, Mysql, Memcache and Redis server. You can also upgrade PHP version with ease.
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to install laragon on windows 10.

Steps in Laragon Installation on Windows 10:

  • Goto and download your desired edition. I will download Laragon Full.
  • After downloading, click on downloaded file and it will open setup wizard.
  • In next window, select destination folder. I will choose E drive. My suggestion is do not install it on C drive or windows drive.
  • In next window you will select preferences. My suggestion is select all 3
  • After selecting preferences, you will move to ready to install screen. Click on Install button.
  • After clicking on install button. Laragon will install.
  • Now go to Laragon panel and press StartAll.
  • After clicking StartAll, Windows Security Alert will appear for Apache. Click on Allow Access.
  • After clicking allow access, another security alert will appear but this time is for Mysql Server. Click on allow access.
  • If all goes well, StartAll text will change to Stop. And you will see message with port on control panel
  • Now goto laragon www directory in my case it is E:\laragon\www
  • Create a test.php file and put phpinfo() function.
  • Now goto browser and type localhost/test.php. You will see PHP version.
  • That’s it.

laragon setup wizard
laragon select destination folder
laragon auto start auto detect and virtual hosts
laragon read to install laragon
finish laragon installation

start laragon services
apache firewall defender for laragon
mysql firewall defender for laragon
laragon apache server and mysql server started
create test file in laragon www
check laragon installation in browser


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