How to install Xampp on Local Machine

Want to setup local server environment and don’t how to create it? No problem I will make this thing quite easy for you.

What is XAMPP

XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.



Installing XAMPP

First of all you need to go to and download xampp. In main page, there are three downloadable links first is for Windows, second is for Linux and third is for OS X. In this article we are going to download windows version of Xampp.

download xampp windows

Xampp new version Installer file is 144 MB in size. Press Ok to start download. Once installer downloaded then launch the Installer. You may receive some warning from windows don’t take them seriously and go ahead.

xampp start setup screen

Click on Next and you will see following window

xampp select component

In this window you can select the components you want to install. My suggestion is, not to uncheck any of them and press next button.

xampp choose folder for installation

Next step to choose folder for Xampp installation. In my case default drive is C. But it is better that not to install xampp in same directory in which windows files are located. Once you select your folder directory click on next

bitnami for xampp

In this step, you will be asked for additional features for Bitnami in which free installer will provide to download popular cms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Make your decision and click on Next button.

ready to install

Now you are ready to install xampp on your local machine hit Next to continue

xampp control panel

Now, you are done click finish and it shows control panel. If control panel didn’t pop up then go to your xampp folder and open xampp control panel. At this stage you may receive windows firewall warning just as below. Make sure that you check on private networks and click allow access otherwise your xampp won’t work.

xampp firewall warning

Now, you just start apache and mysql server. Click on start for Apache and Mysql.

xampp control panel

After clicking start both apache and mysql server start running and running icon with green background appear next to apache and mysql.

xampp control panel start

Now goto browser and hit http://localhost it will redirect you to xampp page. This page may ask for language selection. You can select your language. For creating database hit http://localhost/phpmyadmin or go to control panel and click Admin in the mysql section.  Thats it.



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