PHP Shopping Cart – Step by Step

I am starting a series of tutorials in which we well be building php shopping cart step by step . I will be focusing on front end of shopping cart which will include

Project name will be Cool T-shirt Shop and I will be using Bootstrap 4 as an UI framework. Add to cart functionality will be based on PHP Session and I will be using PHP PDO for database communication.

Shopping Cart Folder Strucutre:

Folder structure of the shopping cart will be
PHP shoppging cart folder structure

Shopping Cart Database Schema:

Database name will be tshirt_cart and it will have 4 tables which are:

  1. products
  2. product_images
  3. orders
  4. order_details

PHP Shopping Cart Pages:

There will be 5 pages in shopping cart which are:

  1. Product Listing Page (index.php)
  2. Product Detail Page (single-product.php)
  3. Cart Page (cart.php)
  4. Checkout form Page (checkout.php)
  5. Thank you Page (thank-you.php)

Product Listing Page:

php shopping cart product listing

Product Detail Page :

php shopping cart single product

Cart Page:

php shopping cart page

Checkout form Page:

php shopping cart checkout page

If you people need only html of above cart. Let me know in the comments I will upload it here.


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